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Former British and World Superbike Champion, Neil Hodgson remains a popular sports personality despite a shoulder injury forcing him to retire from top level racing at the start of the 2010 season.

With a face recognised by millions and a warm personality to match, Hodgson has gained a loyal following of fans across the globe. Neil is still associated with his famous racing number - 100 - that was with him on the road to racing success Read more...

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There are no winners!

Sepang! Where the heck do I begin? Well I am not about to write any more words about what actually happened (or didn’t), as that has been done a thousand times already by every pundit, expert and idiot known to man. That said I do want to share my thoughts with you. Unfortunately the situation we now have is so sad for so many reasons and regrettably whatever happens in the final part of the title fight there can be no real winner, as the sport has suffered so badly.